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500 years after the Thousand Year War, the earth was a peaceful and united planet. All ways of war were forgotten to her people, and all devices of war were either destroyed or forgotten. All scientific effort had gone into making the world a better place for her people, and soon all famine was non existent, and sicknesses and diseases were cured. It was in this time of peace, that tragedy struck.

A scientist, a man whos name nobody remembers, was perfecting a cold fusion device, when he made a small mistake, and everything went wrong. The room turned cold, and suddenly there was an explosion. Nobody thought anything of it at the time. Only the scientist was killed, and no great tragedy had occurred. Nobody seemed to notice that the temperature was already dropping. Soon after, the hottest areas of the world were having blizzards, and your typical cold areas were icy waist lands, devoid of life. It had seemed to the survivors, that the end of the human race was at hand.

They were wrong.

A small group of survivors were wandering the former desert in between blizzards, searching for food, and supplies, when they came across a giant complex, that looked like it had been abandoned for hundreds of years. They soon realized that they had stumbled upon an abandoned military base. It was here, that the first mechs were restarted. Nobody knows how the people knew to operate them, but that not really important, now is it? What we do know about this group of people was that they were lead by a man named Dufrain. You should remember that name, it's important.

This was not the only group of wanderers in fact, there were hundreds of small groups similar to that one, each surviving off scraps left over in abandoned buildings. More then one group found long abandoned bases, with ancient war machines, and these groups thrived. They survived because of the environmental shielding that each mech provided them. Some used their mech for terrorizing the small groups who lacked. Thieving from them what they could, but only killing if it was necessary. Dufrain, on the other hand, saw things differently.

Now known as Commander Dufrain by his followers (an ever increasing group, it would seem), known as Commander Cadaver to his foes, Dufrain had lost some of his sanity. He believed that he was one with his mech, and that he and his mech could not survive without the other. He also believed that he was to rule the world. Soon, he started attacking other groups with mechs, waiting for their surrender, so he could take theirs, It was a strange twist of fate, then, when Dufrains mech was practically destroyed, not by a foe, but by himself, by pushing it to hard. His mech became nothing more then an icy shell, and later his tomb, for he refused to abandon his beloved mech.

Time went on, and more mechs died, and people began fearing the worst. That was until a young man, named Anav Ummid came up with an eloquent solution. He, and a few surviving scientists developed a mech that ran on ice. This was the original Ice Bot.

The world has still not found peace, and it's predicted that it never will. Brothers still attack brothers, mothers defend themselves against their own children, men war with neighbors. But in this time, some civilization has been founded, and there are but a few safe zones, where fighting it dealt with swiftly. One of these places is knowen as Frozen City, which upholds it's laws with brutal force. The Frozen City is a haven for mech parts, and many other things that the human race needs if it is going to survive until another time of universal peace.

This is a land of pain, mistrust, and ice, where men, known now as commanders (some say in the memory of Dufrain), have fleets with thousands of mechs to do their bidding. This is the land of Ice Bots.

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