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Each time you use or cause access to this web site, you agree to be bound by these Rules & Regulations, and as amended from time to time with or without notice to you.

NOTE: IceBots has members across the world and through many time zones, staff members may not always be online to help you or answer your questions. Some of us have very busy lives offline as well. Please be patient when waiting for a reply.


1. Multiple Accounts

  • One person may NEVER use more than ONE account. Players may not train another player's account. Swapping or selling accounts will not be allowed.

2. Respect

  • You must give respect and obey the orders of the Staff. They earned this position and they are here to help you, so please listen to anything they have to say. Also give serious consideration to any advice members give you. Many of them may have been in certain situations that you are in and will probably know the best way to solve the problem.
  • Be curtious and give respect to all other commanders of the game. This includes new players, old veterans, staff members, and jailed commanders.

3. Selling Account / Clans / Items

  • You can sell your clans or items for in-game currency at the designated locations in Frozen City. Items with outragous prices will be automatically deleted and you will not be refunded.
  • Selling or attempting to sell your Account / Clans / or Items within your account for real money (not in-game money) will result in automatic deletion and/or heavy jail time.

4. Staff Positions

  • Please DO NOT ask for a staff position. All of the current staff earned their position without asking. If you want to become staff, activly help out other members, thats a sure way to get noticed. There will be many times when we have enough staff and its not that you arn't proving yourself its that no more staff is currently needed.

5. Naming

  • All commanders shall refrain from unnecessary naming of your commander name, mechs, anything that may be already prohibited. See Forum / Mail Rules & Guidelines Section 9. Inappropriate Content for what isn't acceptable.

6. Theft / Scams / Babysitting

  • Any kind of theft or scams will NOT be tolerated. Babysitting is NOT allowed. Logging onto someone else's account even with permission is considered theft and a jailable / deletable offense.

7. Bugs / Glitches

  • If you find a bug / glitch, stop the use of your account and report it immediatly. If you are caught gaining something from a bug / glitch without reporting it, is considered a deletable crime.

8. Area Restriction

  • You are given full rights to view certain areas of this game, if you do not have access to something, chances are it was intended that way.

9. Fair Judgement

  • If you feel you been wrongly accused and jailed you have the right to discuss it with the staff person involved.

10. Hacking

  • Anyone caught hacking or attempting to do so will be banned from the site and reported to their ISP.

11. Cheating

  • Cheating of any kind (including by exploiting any bug or error) is expressly prohibited. This includes exploiting any deficiency in our code or design, or in the code or design of any third-party product or service used in connection with the Service, to gain an unfair advantage or to gain unearned or unauthorized privileges, access, or abilities not clearly intended by the product's design. The use of proxies or masking your identity on the game to your advantage is strictly forbidden. Communicating information about such activities to others will also be considered cheating.


1. Thread Location

  • Some Boards have a stand alone set of rules which apply only to that board so be sure to read them all and post within the correct board.
  • You must post a message within the correct forum. Read each forum description before making your decision on which board to post your message on.

2. Signature Size

  • The maximum size of a signature (including text and images) is 500 x 350.
    1. That assumes a text height of 13 pixels as that is the default. The smaller your signature images means the more text you can include.
  • The maximum size of a signature image is 500 x 250.
    1. If you have multiple images then the combined height of all images can be no longer than 250 pixels and if the images are on the same row then the combined width limit is 500 pixels but if the images aren't on the same row then all images can be 500 pixels wide or less.
  • The maximum total file size of all images in a signature is 300kb.

3. Posting Large Images & Text

  • Images & Text are deemed to large when they cause the layout to stretch causing excessive scrolling for the average user.
  • Avoid embedding images with a width larger than 500 pixels. Please post the image as a link instead of embedding it if it's too wide.
  • Avoid posting something long that has no breaks in it (EX. "OOOOOOO" only much longer). If it's too long then cut it down to a proper size.

4. Publicly Displaying Punishments

  • Punishments such as bans or jail sentences are not status symbols or bragging rights and should not be used as such in the forums.

5. Forum / Mail Behavior

  • The following is a list of the more popular posting traits, which should be avoided:
    1. Spamming - Posting a one or more messages, which are not constructive to the topic at hand.
    2. Flaming - Purposefully insulting a user or staff members.
    3. Trolling - Instigating arguments or saying something with the sole purpose to make people angry or lash out at you.
    4. Personal - Posting on the forum to air your personal arguments with another game member or staff.
    5. Calling Out - Discussing a specific member(either by name or with identifiable hints) in a negative way is not allowed.

6. Mass Mailing

  • Mass mailings are not allowed via Ice Mail. This means you cant mass mail advertisements, recruiting for your clan, spreading gossip, etc etc. The only exception is:
    1. Mailing messages to your friends and/or clan members, keeping in mind the rest of the rules.

7. Double Posting

  • Please do not post multiple threads of the same (or similar) content or post in a thread multiple times within a short amount of time before anyone else posts in it. Here are some solutions to solve this:
    1. Make use of the edit feature and add anything in if you need to.
    2. Wait until someone posts in the thread after you.
    3. Delete your original post and repost the updated version.
      • Deleting your original post is meant for a one time use in order to add information that you may have left out of your original post. If it's done multiple times then it can be seen as Spam so do not delete your post every hour and then repost just to bump it.

8. Bumping Threads

  • Bumping is posting solely or primarily to bring the thread back to the top of the thread list or active threads. Posting something useless or nonconstructive usually does this.
  • Do not bump posts that have no meaning or have been so outdated that the topic really doesnt matter anymore. Do not bump several threads within the same day.

9. Begging

  • Begging for such things as currency or an item is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to:
    1. Asking for free things.
    2. Asking for one-sided trades where one party gains more than the other.
    3. Asking for donations (ICE days).
    4. Asking for loans.

10. Inappropriate Content

  • The following content is NOT allowed in the forums / mail or commander / mech names, this includes both images, text, and outgoing links:
    1. Pictures of Oneself
    2. Gross or disturbing content
    3. Detailed sexual acts or portraying of such
    4. Offensive or insulting content
    5. Threatening users
    6. Extreme violence
    7. Racial, ethical, religious, sexual, abusive name calling, discrimination or harassment of ANY kind
    8. Uncensored nudity or portraying of such, which reveals what, is popularly considered sexual parts
    9. Harassing / Downgrading the Game

11. Game Bugs

  • Do not discuss or mention a bug on the forums. You are free to talk about questionable gains or wierd experiences, but do not mention how you discovered this odd occurances. There is a Bug Reports link in Frozen City, non-game section to submit your bugs.

12. Asking or Distributing Copyright/Illegal Items

  • Game ROMs, program keys, etc. are not to be asked for or provided using these forums. We do not condone illegal activities and such things will not be allowed.

13. Selling Account / Items

  • Selling your account / clans / or items within your account for real money (not in-game money) will result in automatic deletion and/or heavy jail time.

14. Posting Personal Information

  • Information, which is considered personal or private, should not be posted unless explicit permission from the owner is obtained.
  • This includes but is not limited to such information that could compromise the security of a users account or put them at risk, as well as simple things such as their real name or contact details.

15. Spoofing

  • Spoofing is not allowed as it creates confusion for other members. Spoofing is imitating a player / staff / forum post with deceptive intentions.

16. Cheating

  • Icebots does not condone cheating in other online games and the forums will not be used to do so.
  • The Main Forums are not to be used to give out game secrets such as hidden items, secret formulas, or any other not easily accessible items.

17. Appealing A Forum Restriction

  • If your account received a forum restriction, creating or using another account and publicly discussing it, is not allowed. Please read below to find out what you should do if their is a problem.
  • When appealing a restriction, please mail the head cheat team members with your reasons behind why you feel the appeal is justifiable. Please do not mail the owner or other higher ranked staff, as it will simply get forwarded to the proper people.

18. Advertising

  • Advertising certain websites is strictly forbidden which includes but is not limited to:
    1. Advertising other online games
    2. Advertising websites with inappropriate content stated in Section 9. Inappropriate Content

NOTE: If you are a "ICE" member and you are deleted for breach of one of the Rules & Regulations listed above, you will not be refunded as stated in Terms & Conditions Section 9. Payment Policy which you agreed to before purchasing ICE Days.
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